2018 Oregon Film Awards - Winners

2018 Oregon Film Awards - Winners

Grand Jury Award: The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart directed by Daniel Silveira

Special Jury Award: A Chance of Snow directed by James Christopher

Special Jury Award: Adventures in #Adulting directed by Tristan David Luciotti

Best Narrative Feature:Occupants directed by Russ Emanuel

Best Documentary Feature: Mississippi Whistle directed by Justyn Bell

Best Director: Tutu Grande directed by Derek Sitter

Best First-Time Director: Reinventing Rosalee directed by Lillian Glass

Best Narrative Short:The New Frontier directed by Kanani Koster

Best Documentary Short : The 99W directed by Kendra Jacobson

Best Produced Screenplay: Leaving Malcolm written by Annemarie Bettica

Best Experimental Film:Black Wake directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Best Student Film: Boyfriend directed by Zara Sengstock

Best Music Video:Someday directed by Mike Mentz & John Eiberger

Best of Oregon Award:The Astronot directed by Tim Cash

Best Foreign Short:What remains of you directed by Kevin Dresse

Best Television Production : Nothing But, Television Comedy Pilot directed by Pen Name: Katrina Lena

Best Foreign Feature: Mahasatta 2035 directed by Ramprabhu Nakate

Feature Screenplay Competition

Grand Prize: The 24-Hour Howl written by Joanna Johnson

1st Place Screenplay: Timber written by Pat Stevens

2nd Place Screenplay:Take The Shot written by Jim Norman

3rd Place Screenplay: The Hobgoblin of Small Minds written by Larry Blakely

Short Screenplay Competition

Grand Prize: Cherry Glazed written by Christine Sherwood

1st Place Screenplay: The High Dive written by Brian Patterson

2nd Place Screenplay: One Liner written by Kristy Leigh Lussier

3rd Place Screenplay: Retribution written by Marc Allen

Official Finalists

Scary Lucy Screenplay written by sheila schroeder

Open Wounds written by Marc Allen

Alien 5: Eradication Spec Script written by Daniel Furuya & Jamon Holmes

Mondays with Amy written by Roy Zafrani

Escape to Hollow Earth written by Colin K. Stewart

Bonnie & Claud's Home for the Holidays written by Caitlin Stedman

Kid Arachnid written by Hogan Short

The Fight After written by Gunnar E Garrett Jr.

The Kid Next Door written by Jim Norman

Hollow Earth Quest written by Kathy Krantz Stewart

Had2Bthere.com written by Scott Simpson

2018 Oregon Film Awards - Platinum Awards

Documentary Feature Competition

A River Film directed by Jiri Bakala

A Sniper's War directed by Olya Schechter

Sea Change directed by Dana Schwartz

Music Video Competition

God I need a girlfriend directed by stefan janoski

Lonely Alone directed by Mig Windows

Blue Flamez- to the sky directed by

I Remember Frida (Hommage to Frida Kahlo) directed by Alberto Nacci

Narrative Feature Competition

Sexual, Repulsive and sick directed by alexandre alonso

American Brothers directed by Kirk D. Anderson

Snapshots directed by Janice Corran
Bardo Blues directed by marcia kimpton

Narrative Short Competition

Indigos directed by Ian Pozzebon

Collar directed by Russ Emanuel

Confidence Of a Tall Man directed by Michael McCallum

Foreword directed by Michael McCallum

MIRA Protocol directed by Antonio Chavez Trejo

Deep In the Heart Of Texting directed by Michael McCallum

There goes the neighborhood directed by Dan Evans

The Babies directed by Yuval Shrem

Documentary Short Competition

Coming Home directed by Brandon Thompson

In Memory of Paul directed by Jamon Holmes

Mehndi & Me directed by Laura P. Valtorta

Experimental Film Competition

Strange Divinity directed by Carlos Marcelin

May I ? remix# directed by Vasco Diogo

Marmo (marble) directed by Nancy Allison & Laura Boato

Foreign Film Competition

Shangri La directed by Carlo Christian Spano

The Caterer's Reckoning directed by Jonah Jones

First-Time Director

Mariposas directed by Adrian Carey

Philicide directed by Hyun Jun Kim

Reality Point: Oculus directed by Alex Barkovics

Student Film Competition

Sky Blue directed by Camilla Guttner

El Niño directed by Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier

The Talk Revised directed by Eva Moentmann

Paper Crane directed by Takumi Kawakami

Screenplay Competition

Screamer written by Marc Allen

"Return to Freedom" written by Bristol Mac Donald

Where do the Clouds go? written by Serge Ioan Celebidachi & James Olivier

Perry written by RJ Watson

God Is Not Purple written by Matt Pacini

2018 Oregon Film Awards - Gold Awards

Documentary Feature Competition

Carpathian Karma - The Story of Joshka directed by Mario Damolin

The True North Project directed by Emil Agopian

Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery directed by James Ansley

Music Video Competition

Bathed In Sunlight by Fort Atlantic directed by Jon Black

Friend Pills directed by Kirk Benttinen

Song For the Moon directed by Michael McCallum

Unhappy Holiday directed by Anna Haas

Narrative Film Competition

One,Two,Guess Who's Who directed by System

Short Film Competition

Ainhoa directed by Ivan Sainz-Pardo

Growing Pains directed by Alannah Fehrenbach

In A Made-Up World directed by Steven Perkins

Identification directed by Julia Deak

He Calls Them All By Name directed by Chad Sogas

The Lightkeeper directed by Zach Bandler

Soldier directed by Bruce Becker

Memento Mori directed by Stuart Creque

Documentary Short Competition

The Joy Block directed by Joanie Fox

Stories of Refuge directed by Caleb P. Hobart

Young of the Year directed by Kristin Holodak

Experimental Film Competition

Divulge directed by Haven Nutt

Bakalu Studio Composition directed by Vasco Diogo

Deluge directed by Guy Harris